The Begining


I never knew exactly when and why was my love for photography born. Maybe it was that day when I got my first camera, or one in which I made my first shot or perhaps it was when I exhibited my first film. This is notimportant, what matters is, and happily for me, that I was overwhelmed by this art called Photography.

Since I have consciousness, I capture sentimental moments, minimalistic things and peoples faces. It’s a little thing in life that makes me very happy and gives me pleasure.

With the development of science, technology also does it, and with it the possibility, the work of the of artists to reach a larger audience. So now I want to share my work so you can also enjoy them (nevertheless I try not to be selfish). Enjoy them and I will try to be up to date with them and publish more often.


The right way to do it. 🙂


Diagonal lines, S curves & zigzags are all tools of photography compositition that work in essentially the same way.  All are lines we can find within the frame that add interest to our pictures by leading the eye on a journey. Quite simply, the longer it takes for your eye to move around and absord an image, the more interesting you perceive that image to be. Finding and exploiting lines enable us to create more dynamic photographs by creating the longest possible journey for the viewer’s eye to follow.

The longest straight line in your frame is the diagonal line, from corner to corner, like so:


Diagonal lines have a very strong directional movement; they add depth and suggest distance and perspective. As the human eye tends to drift naturally from the bottom left to top right, diagonals in this direction are the most powerful of all.

So take this example…

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The Blog

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